If your company has to send goods to overseas destinations, you will have to hire a parcel delivery service. Using a parcel delivery service, you can ship parcels to any location within a specific period of time.

When shipping goods using a parcel delivery service, you also have to look after the packaging. If the goods are not correctly packed, then it could cause them damage. The information mentioned below can help you to know how to pack different types of goods.


If you are sending books through a parcel delivery service, you should remember that books can get easily damaged on the corners. Hence, you should use high quality corrugated fibreboard to wrap the books. When using the fibreboard, keep at least a 20mm overlap at the ends. Wherever appropriate, place the books in a flyer.

Papers and documents

If you are sending a small quantity of letters or important documents using a parcel delivery service, you can place all the papers in a flyer. For letters up to the thickness of 10mm, flyers can be used. However, if you are sending a bulk amount of papers with a thickness of around 45mm, you should use a box to pack the papers. Place the papers loosely in the box. Strap the box from all possible sides. Use any cushioning to fill the empty space in the box. The size of the box will depend on the size of the letters.

Maps and blueprints

Neatly fold the maps and blueprints and place them in a tube provided by the parcel delivery service personnel. Avoid using cylindrical tubes. Do not forget to seal both ends of the tube securely.

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