We get many requests on the best way for sending alloy wheels and tyres using our Parcel0force 48 service priced at £13.19 (including VAT). Firstly it depends upon the size you want to send, 15”, 16”, 17” and so on. If you’re sending just one wheel (with or without tyre) then it’s a simple £13.19. If you’re sending more or other sizes then take a look at this page here Alloy Wheel / Tyre Delivery with collectmyparcel.com

If you’re still unsure the get in touch, contact us here.

42 Thoughts on “Sending Alloy Wheels and Tyres”

  • I have bought 4No. Alloy wheels, from a chap in Beddau Wales.
    I need them delivering to DH6 5EJ Co. Durham, cost please.

    • You can get an instant quote via our website at http://www.collectmyparcel.com

      Once you know the weight and dimension of each alloy wheel once they’ve been packaged for transport. Simply enter each in to the website for an instant quote.

  • Hi I need to send 4 18” alloy wheels with tyres from me12 3rp to ML11 7RJ how much and how long to deliver please x

  • how much for 4 16 inch alloy wheels and tyres shipped from Maidstone, Kent, to m46 0hr atherton

  • Hello,
    I need to get a motorcycle tyre picked up from the Worchester area and delivered
    to Portlaoise Co.Laois Eire. What will it cost to pick and deliver this item.


  • I have 2 tyres (no wheels) that require collecting this Friday from AB32 6NU and delivering to WN4 8EG (there is no urgency for a delivery date). Can I have a price please?

  • Hi, I need to send one 18 inch tyre from BA22 to IP6, can you please provide a quote, how long the delivery is and do I have to box the tyre. Thanks.

  • hi i need to post a 20″ tyre how much will cost me please?
    1 x 265 30 20 Continental Sport Contact 3 ZR XL RO1 94Y

  • Hi, looking for a quote to get 2 4×4 tyres picked up from bt19 7te and delivered to ka9 1et.
    Not urgent.
    Regards Cammy

  • Could you please quote to send one 20″ tyre only ( no wheel) from ka4 8lj to le3 6nf

  • Hi. How much to pick up a 14″ steel wheel with tyre with a tool kit/jack inside from Wiltshire and send to M28 7UT (Manchester) please

  • Please could you tell me how much it would cost to send 4x 17′ alloy wheels including tyres to Scotland From East Sussex. Thank you.

  • Please could you tell me how much it would cost to send 2 twenty Inch wheels from Chesterfield to Mons in Belgium. Thank you

  • I need two 17 inch motorcycle wheels with tyres collecting from Wakefield and delivering to Silver End in Essex
    What would be the cost? Do they require any packing? Thank you

  • Hi, I need to send 4x 20″ alloy wheels with tyres from WN8 0AL to NG8 6FY. How much please?

  • Good afternoon.

    How much to courier x4 20″ lightweight alloys from Ts10 1bh to Tn24 0fe.



  • I want to buy 4 alloys wheels 22 inches and I want to deliver you from Nr319st to NN83RW. How much it is please

  • How much would it cost to send 4 x 15″ steel wheels with tyres and trims from eh519dj to ss11 7jz

  • hi i need to send 2 motorbike alloy wheels with tyres what 18′ and 19′ WHAT WOULD THE COST OF THIS BE

  • I need to send 5x 4×4 tyres from Hertfordshire UK to Portugal. Can you email me with a costing please

  • Hi,

    Need to post 4 tyres still on the wheels to County Durham from Surrey. Do you provide packaging options also? If so can I have a full quote please?

  • Hi
    I need4 15″ tyres ( no rims) collecting from Bristol and delivering to Coventry
    Could you give me a price please?
    Many thanks

  • Hi
    I am looking for 22″ alloy wheels and Tyres to be picked up from CH7 4NS and delivered to TQ1 1QF
    Can you please quote me for both palletised and individually wrapped

  • How much to send 4×15″ wheels and tyres and one tyre.
    From Yorkshire to bristol. At the moment they are in 2x parcels.
    Thankyou Simon

  • hi, i have just bought 4 alloy wheels with tyres from Bolton. How much is it to collect and deliver to Dagenham Essex RM10 8SN?

  • Can you quote a price to deliver 4 off 16″ alloy wheels complete with tyres from E X36 to CW12
    Many thanks

  • Hi how much to ship 4x 15 inch wheels and tyres from ka228hw to bt237dq
    Regards mike

  • Hi I have two tyres (for 18 inch wheels) to send – i am sending tyres only. how much to ship to London please

  • Could you tell me the cost for sending two 225 65 r15 tyres from Essex to Southern France (post code 66210 )

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