Are you appalled at the condition of the parcel that you sent recently to your relatives living in a foreign country? You probably messed up with the packaging part and this is the main reason for your damaged parcel. Following some simple yet useful parcel packaging tips will give optimum protection to your parcel.

Internal packaging

Internal packaging is an important aspect that many people tend to ignore while sending a parcel. Internal cushioning plays an important role in protecting the contents of your parcel. Handy bubble wrap is the most commonly used material for internal packaging. Bubble wrap protects the parcel in an efficient manner and safeguards it from any damage. It also safeguards the parcel from any collision or severe physical impact that may happen during transit. Keep in mind that the cushioning material should be wrapped around the entire parcel on all sides.

Polychips and corrugated cardboard are some of the different materials that can be used for internal packaging. Similarly, you can opt for the use of rolled paper or polyethylene foam sheeting. Ensure that you wrap the product as many times as possible until you cannot feel the shape of the object completely. However, if you are wrapping more than one product then ensure that these products are separated with some cushioning material. If you are planning to parcel heavy items then ensure that they do not move inside the parcel as this can harm the exterior packaging.

Similarly, ensure that you use a strong material for the external packaging. A good idea is to choose a reputable and reliable parcel delivery service which is known to deliver parcels in pristine condition.

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