Couriers can handle most things.

Odd shapes, bulky items, even very small delicate parcels…

In truth, unless an item is prohibited, you can use a courier to get almost anything from A to B safely, quickly and cost effectively.

But what happens if your parcel weighs more that 30kg?

At this weight it becomes a little tricky for one person to handle and so you may need to seek out an alternative.

If that’s the case, pallet delivery could be just the solution.

With a pallet delivery you place your item(s) on top of a wooden pallet, and then secure them. They are then collected by a pallet company and delivered to your chosen destination.

This service gives you lots of flexibility. Here are five examples when a pallet delivery could be very useful:

  1. To buy a collection only eBay item.
  2. To post a very heavy item.
  3. To post an item that’s not easy to package.
  4. To post large items that are too big to go in a box.
  5. To despatch items that are an unusual shape

If you book a pallet collection with, our experienced pallet partner – Palletways will handle your items. And it could only take 2 days for your items to reach their destination.

In addition, your items will be traceable with on-line tracking facilities to give you extra piece of mind.

Next time you need to post large or very heavy items, book a pallet collection.


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