If you’re struggling for some inspiration of why you may need to use a courier service, check out these 10 top reasons.

  1. You run an online shop and you need a reliable method to fulfil your customer orders.
  2. It’s your brother’s birthday. He lives in Hong Kong and you want an affordable By Air service to ensure your special gift arrives on time and in one piece.
  3. You have some urgent documents that need to arrive with your solicitor before lunchtime. You take advantage of the Next Day Timed delivery services.
  4. It’s Valentines Day and you want to surprise your sweetheart with a gift that doesn’t involve flowers.
  5. You don’t want the hassle of taking all those wrapped Christmas presents down to the Post Office and would much rather someone collected them from you instead.
  6. You have an item that absolutely has to be with a supplier TODAY. Luckily you can access the Sameday network to make it a possibility.
  7. That gorgeous looking dress you ordered from the catalogue just doesn’t look the same on and you want to return it.
  8. You’ve ordered some food online and are waiting for the courier driver to deliver it.
  9. It’s your parents wedding anniversary and you want to send them a special gift to mark their special day.
  10. You need to send a prototype product back to the designer for refining.

But what will you send…

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