Do you run a small business?

If so you’ll know that delivering your promises is critical in terms of managing your reputation, building your brand and encouraging repeat purchases.

This is especially true if you run an online store. In this situation it’s likely you’ll have a requirement to fulfil orders. This means ensuring parcels arrive on time and in one piece. It’s all part of building trust and convincing customers you’ll deliver and it’s a big challenge for the small business owner, especially if the brand is new, small or relatively unknown.

That’s where a courier company could help enhance your customer service.

Let me explain…

Most of the big brand courier companies work hard to ensure their delivery specification is achieved. In fact, their entire network is set up to maximise the chances of a parcel that’s collected by the cut-off time, arriving at its destination on time.

It’s complex. Especially when you consider the journey an average parcel makes on its way from A to B.

Tracking adds visibility and offers information

One of the key ways a courier company can help enhance your customer service is through the electronic tracking information that you can access. It means your important parcel will not simply disappear into a void when it’s posted.

The amount of tracking information will vary depending on the company that you choose but often includes collection and delivery tracks as a minimum. What’s more, because you can access this information online, it means you’re empowered to answer customer enquiries about the whereabouts of their order.

Next time you have a parcel to go, maybe a courier company could help enhance the customer service that you offer. What do you think?


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