If you have a parcel to go, you’ll want it delivered on time, to the right recipient and in one piece.

You’ve probably heard the horror stories about parcels that have gone astray, turned up late or arrived broken and damaged, and whilst this is a possibility, there are steps you can take to minimise this risk.

1.      Pack your parcel securely

It’s really important that when you despatch a parcel to a courier it has been packaged to withstand the inevitable stresses and strains of the courier network. Your parcel is going to get moved around during sorting and during distribution and so you want to be sure that the box you use is robust, the tape is secure and the contents fit snuggly. In addition, consider using bubble wrap or packing paper as an additional level of protection.

2.      Write legibly

You need to ensure the courier driver can read the address. It’s important that you include the postcode too as this will be used by the sorting technology to route the parcel to the correct delivery office.

3.      Choose the right delivery specification

Most couriers offer a range of different delivery specifications. This includes Timed services such as by 9am, by 10am and by noon. These products are ideal if you want to ensure your parcel arrives in the morning. Alternatively, you could choose the Next Day product, or if you have more time, consider a 48-hour delivery service. The price point of these services reflects the speed of delivery so budget may also be relevant.

4.      Factor in collection cut off times

Some people make the mistake of forgetting to consider the cut off times for booking a collection. These vary by courier. So if you need a parcel delivered by tomorrow, first you’ll need to check that a collection can be performed today. If not, you’ll need to shift your delivery expectations.

Couriers offer a fast and reliable way of getting your parcel from A to B. But as you can see, there are some key things that you can do to help ensure your parcel arrives safely.


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