Do you feel time poor?

If you work and you have children, the summer holidays can make you feel that little bit more pressured! Suddenly your time is squeezed because in addition to sorting your existing responsibilities, you need to ensure the kids are entertained too!

That means if you can find ideas and shortcuts to save you time, it can make your life that little bit easier.

If you need to send a parcel, here’s a way to do it quickly, easily and with less hassle.

Now your instinct may be to go to the Post Office. But that usually means a trip out which can be expensive in terms of time.

Here’s an alternative way you may like to consider.

  1. Use a parcel booking agent or reseller.
  2. Book your courier collection online.
  3. Package your parcel and address it correctly.
  4. Wait for the courier to collect from your specified address (could be home, office, or somewhere else you’re spending the day).
  5. Done!

If you book a courier collection this way, your day needn’t be disrupted.

If you’re having a rainy day tidy up you don’t need to pop out, if the kids are having a play day at home with their friend they don’t need to be disturbed, and if you are in the midst of catching up with your paperwork, you can get on with it!

To save time when posting your parcel, check out and see if it works for you.


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