Have you been enjoying the summer sun?

After months of waiting for the warm weather to arrive, you’re forgiven for wanting to spend as much time basking in the warmth as possible – after all, knowing the Great British weather there are no guarantees it’s going to stick around!

Which means if you have a parcel to post, you may be tempted to delay the trip to the Post Office and instead carry on sunbathing!

But did you know a courier collection allows you to do both? You can get your parcel sent AND continue to enjoy some relaxation time in your back garden.

Here’s how…

  1. Instead of going to the Post Office to despatch your parcel, book a parcel collection. You can do this by phone, or online either direct or with your preferred courier service. Alternatively, if you’d like to save some cash try a parcel-booking agent such as collectmyparcel.com instead.
  1. Next, ensure your parcel is securely packaged and accurately labelled. It’s the best way to help make sure your parcel arrives safely at its destination.
  1. Finally chill out with a cool drink, a good book and relax. Simply listen out for the courier collection driver to arrive on your allotted day and hand your parcel over.

It’s so easy!

What’s more, you can also check your parcel has been delivered from the comfort of your own home too. Simply login to the appropriate website, enter your unique barcode number and you’ll be able to see instantly when your parcel arrived.

So give yourself permission to carry on enjoying the sun, and book that courier collection today.


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