One reason for posting with a courier is because you’ll benefit from electronic tracking.

This means your parcel will move through the courier network with a traceable barcode.

You see most courier networks are complex and intricate.

Once the driver collects your item, it’s transported back to the depot before being sorted to its onward destination. Often, large courier companies will have a centralised hub. Here, parcels from all over the country converge to be sorted back to a delivery depot ready to be taken to the recipient.

These networks are organised, time sensitive and enable couriers to get parcels from A to B professionally and efficiently.

If your parcel has an electronic barcode, it can be scanned at various points through the network…

This offers some significant benefits.

1. You can check in online to see where your parcel is.
2. You can use the delivery scan to check the item has been delivered on time and to spec. This is useful if you use a courier service to fulfill customer orders because you can confirm deliveries without making unnecessary phone calls to recipients, and you can be sure you’re achieving your own delivery promises.
3.You get peace of mind knowing your item isn’t entering into the network void! You’ll usually be able to see a collection track and a delivery scan, and in addition, larger courier companies may collect tracks when an item arrives at a depot, a hub or is sorted onto a vehicle.
4.If you use a courier for business, this helpful information supports your own high customer service standards.

You stay in control. You can access all this information from the comfort of your home simply by typing in your unique barcode reference.


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