Are you looking to send a parcel?

If so you’ll probably want the best service. But what does that mean to you? Are you most interested in price? Are you concerned about reliability? Or are you looking for a combination of both?

If so, you may be tempted to choose one of the big brand couriers such as Parcelforce Worldwide, City Link or Yodel. Perhaps you feel you can trust a larger company with your important delivery. But perhaps you are put off by the perception of high cost.

In that case it’s time to check out a parcel re-seller.

Let me explain…

Parcel re-sellers are Internet based businesses that will book a courier collection with a big brand courier on your behalf. You benefit because the re-seller buys collections in such a large quantity that they receive a bulk-buying discount from the courier and pass some of those savings onto you.

It means you can access the likes of City Link and Yodel, but often for less than going direct.

What’s more, because parcel re-sellers like enable you to get a quote before you book, it’s really easy to see at a glance which courier company will offer you the best price for delivering your parcel.

In fact, not only could a re-seller save you money, it could also save you time hunting out the best deal.

Next time you have a parcel to go, test the service for yourself and see if it helps you get the parcel delivery service that you are looking for.


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