If your company has to deliver goods to a number of destinations, then you will need to use a parcel delivery service. With a parcel delivery service, you can send goods to any possible destination and send them safely.

When using a parcel delivery service, you are not required to make any other effort once your parcel has been collected. However, you may be concerned for your parcel once it has been picked up by the parcel delivery personnel. Because of this a new feature known as parcel tracking has been created. Parcel delivery service providers now provide the option of parcel tracking as it is not only beneficial to them but also to the end customer.

Parcel tracking

Parcel tracking is simple in terms of functionality. The parcel delivery service you hire will provide you with a unique tracking code for each of your parcels. Keeping in mind the growing security fears, governments from most countries have made it mandatory for the parcel delivery service provider to have unique tracking number for all shipments. You will get the tracking code by referring to the waybill or the bill of lading. This will depend on the type of carrier that is being used to ship your cargo.

How to track?

If you are concerned about your shipment or simply want to know where it is, you can log on to the parcel delivery service website. Once you log on to the website, enter the tracking code in the designated area. After you have entered the tracking number, a detailed manifest will come up. You will get a complete listing of all the places your parcel travelled to and where it is headed to. This way, you can be updated about the status of your parcel whenever you want.

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