A courier is an individual or a company that offers services to deliver your parcels, messages and mail, just like a postal service. However, what sets couriers apart is their speed of delivery, security of the package and the ability to track it.

Using a courier service is more reliable and effective when compared to postal services. Moreover, with the increase in competition in this field, most courier companies are bringing down their prices. Therefore, couriers are now much more affordable than they used to be.

How to send a parcel via courier:

  • Go online and check out the courier companies available
  • Select one of your choice
  • They will come to your house, place of work or the place specified by you to collect the parcel
  • Give them the address to which the parcel has to be delivered
  • They will give you a receipt
  • The receipt will have the number allotted to the package. This can be used to track the parcel when in transit. This can be done online.

Unlike the general postal services, courier companies are much faster in delivering parcels and packages to any given address, even if it is international. Unlike the postal services, courier companies do not have enumerable packages to deliver and check on. Therefore, the packages are handled with care and diligence. Thus, with a courier you can be assured of the fact that your package will reach its destination unharmed. Courier companies take the signature of the person receiving the package. This helps in identifying who has the parcel in case the person, for whom the parcel was for, has not received it.

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