Often we decide on a courier service depending on their rates, but in reality the measure of a courier service is in whether it offers value for money.

Identify the courier company’s exact location

Make sure the courier company is located close-by, as this will save their time when collecting the parcel and ultimately yours too. The courier service should operate in your area and should deliver to your desired location regularly as well.

Describe what services you need

Communicate clearly the services you are looking for when calling for the first time. Let them know your needs. This will allow them to offer the most appropriate level of service.

Set your terms

If you wish to pay for a priority service, tell the courier and see what their response is. Courier companies capable of delivering according to your specifications should easily be able to live up to their promises.

Research and homework

Try to find out what reputation the courier holds in the market. Which are the areas they deliver to? Make a list of all the services they offer and if available, visit their website. Take your time to check references and testimonials. This process may take time but it saves future hassle.

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