How a cheap parcel delivery service can maximise your business profits

The internet has been totally brilliant for entrepreneurs wanting to set up shop and minimise their risk.

In this day and age you no longer need a physical retail space in which to promote your wares. Instead you can go virtual and showcase your products to the world by selling on-line.

That then leaves you with some different problems

  1. Getting found on-line
  2. Ensuring your product and price can compete with what’s already out there (especially if your competitors are offering free P&P)
  3. Fulfilling on-line orders quickly whilst minimising the hit P&P will make on your profit margin

In fact order fulfilment could end up being a serious cost leaving you with the problem of how to minimise it.

A quick and easy way to gain control over your parcel delivery costs is to use an on-line courier middleman. There are lots on the market and you can find them by typing cheap parcel delivery into Google.

These sites are brilliant for enabling you to find the cheapest quote for the size and weight of the parcel you want to send. What’s more these parcel middlemen provide quotes for lots of different courier services making shopping around quick and hassle free. You will also find that¬† different couriers will offer different prices for different weights so you’ll benefit by saving money. You can check out this link for some examples –

As cheaper parcel deliveries mean more profits this is great news for your bottom line. We’ll talk more about delivery costs for small businesses in a future blog.


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