As we make more and more purchases on-line there is an increased interest in the fulfillment part of this retail experience.

Did you know there is an annual Online Retail Delivery in the UK Report, which investigates the level of service that customers receive from UK retailers? The full report is available at The report aims to:

Explore what a good delivery service looks like and to elaborate on how the interaction between customer and carrier can enhance the online shopping experience”.

From this it can be seen that couriers have a significant role to play in the future of on-line shopping, and the extent to which on-line shoppers have a good retail experience.

The report listed and explored six features of a good parcel delivery service. These are that:

  1. Customers want a range of flexible delivery options
  2. Customers want affordable delivery charges
  3. Customers want flexibility on where the order can be delivered
  4. Customers want effective communication about their delivery
  5. Customers want fast fulfillment
  6. Customers want a good doorstep experience


The full details of these features along with statistical evidence can be found at the above location.

So next time you book a courier service, you might want to reflect on your experience in these different categories.


We’ll look at more information from this report in future blogs.


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