Courier networks are incredibly sophisticated.

Think about it… you hand over your parcel and within a short space of time your item has travelled to a different part of the country (or globe) to arrive safely in the hands of your recipient.Along the way, your parcel will be loaded (and offloaded) onto numerous vehicles. Depending on your chosen courier it may also be sorted at a centralised hub. Your parcel will also travel many miles on its safe route from A to B.

It’s the electronic barcode that gives your parcel visibility during this journey. That’s because depending on the courier you choose to handle your item, your parcel will be scanned at various points along the distribution chain. For example, it could be:

• Scanned on and off the collection vehicle
• Tracked upon arrival at the national sorting hub
• Logged as it’s loaded onto the lorry destined for the delivery depot
• And scanned when it’s handed over for delivery

In terms of usefulness to you, the last track is highly relevant. That’s because a delivery track will allow you to see what time your parcel was received and often who signed for it. In short, you can get digital confirmation that your parcel has arrived safely – without the need to make a phone call.

Also, parcel tracking can prove invaluable if your parcel does go missing. With the variety of tracking points available (courier dependent), it’s possible to locate the last place the parcel was seen – and that can make it much easier to track down.



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