No matter what the reason is that you need to ship something it is normally going to be the case that item will have some element of fragility and require a good level of packaging. This is especially true, if you are returning an item that you wish to have a refund for or if you have sold the item to a customer and you want it to arrive in the very best quality possible.

Size is vital

You might not think that the size of the box that you choose will have any impact on the likelihood that your item will be damaged during transit; but the truth is that it does have an effect. In fact, incorrect box size is one of the most common causes of items being damaged in transit.

It is important to aim for a box which will allow some room for the contents to be cushioned (bubble wrap and shredded paper is a great idea for this) properly. By doing this any impact that may occur on the package will be absorbed by the packaging and the item inside will be safe.

Recycling isn’t always the right move

It is a tempting thought, using an old box instead of buying a new one and of course it can be cost effective. However, you should always consider the condition that the box is in before you use it as packaging. Look at the markings and labels on the box and ensure that they are removed prior to shipping. Also take into account the overall condition of the box, if it has been used multiple times then it is likely that the protection it will offer has diminished which may increase the chance of your item being damaged in transit. The corners and edges seem to be the first place to go; so if this is the case and you really need to reuse the box we advise that you always tape them up as best you can.

Odd items and how to ship them

It is a fact of nature that not all items which need to be shipped will come in the perfect box shape. There are items that need a much more careful amount of packaging and perhaps plenty of wrapping too. In order to transport these items you should look at which areas are the most important to protect and concentrate your packaging efforts in these areas.

Seal it up

Finally, you need to make sure that the package is not only closed, but will stay closed too. That way you can be safe in the knowledge that it is less like to be damaged during transit.

Use plenty of heavy duty tape to seal the item and make sure that you double up in order to give the maximum protection and ensure that the item doesn’t open up on the way to its destination.

Be careful when it comes to packaging your item and you can be sure that within a matter of days you will have one happy customer on the other end of the delivery!


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