Are you a business with freight to deliver?

Then read these ideas for getting your parcels to their intended destination efficiently as well as saving you money.

Perhaps you usually use a courier service and book direct.

But have you considered using a courier middleman?

These on-line courier-booking services enable you to arrange freight collections with a range of different courier providers. What’s more you could save money for two different reasons:

1.  On-line middleman can often offer a price that’s cheaper than going to the direct. That’s because they book collections on behalf of thousands of people and pass some of their bulk-buying discounts back to you.

2.  On-line courier middlemen can book collections with a range of different providers. As you know different couriers offer different prices for different delivery products and specifications. Book with a middleman and you’ll be able to choose which courier company offers the best deal for the freight items you are sending.

In addition on-line middlemen like offer a CVS bulk shipping upload tool.

This simple to use spreadsheet based tool is ideal if you’re bulk posting or despatching lots of parcels with different collection and delivery addresses. It saves you time and you will also be able to check the information in your shopping cart before paying.

So next time you have some freight to send simply visit and see what deal you get.


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