When you trust a courier with your parcel, there’s one thing that’s critical…

You want your parcel to arrive at your destination – preferably on time.

In order to achieve this objective, there are a few easy things, which you can do.

Let me explain…

1. Choose the right delivery specification

This first one is in your hands.

If your parcel absolutely has to arrive by a particular day, make sure you request the appropriate delivery product. Remember, you can choose between a range of options including Timed, Next day and 48-hour services.

If you know you’ll be posting an item in advance, you may find you can pay less for your delivery. That’s because a 48-hour service is usually cheaper than the premium Timed service (for example). So if budget is an important factor, post early and you could save yourself a bit of cash!

2. Check the cut off times for collections

The big brand couriers will collect from just about any location within the UK. However, they obviously can’t be everywhere at the same time! Collection routes need careful planning to ensure all stops are made, and that’s why couriers have a strict cut off for collection bookings.

In short, don’t leave it to the last minute to arrange a collection. If you do, you could find that you’ve missed the slot for your preferred collection day. As a result, your delivery will also be delayed by at least 24-hours.

3. Check the postcode

Finally, take extra care when labelling your parcel. The postcode is essential as this is what the courier network will use to route your parcel to the correct delivery depot. Illegible or incorrect postcodes could result in your important parcel being despatched to the wrong end of the country. Oops!

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