Do you have a parcel to post?

Then here are your options.

  1. Deliver it yourself.
  2. Use Royal Mail.
  3. Use a courier service.

Unless your recipient lives nearby, delivering a parcel yourself is likely to be very inconvenient and time consuming. What’s more, with the cost of fuel, it could prove very expensive.

Royal Mail provides an affordable, reliable service. However going to the Post Office to post your parcel can take time out of your day, and you may have to queue.

The third alternative is to use a courier service. There are some advantages of choosing this option:

1. You get lots of choice. The courier market is very competitive. Perhaps you’ll choose a local provider. Alternatively you could choose to work with one of the big brands such as Yodel, Parcelforce Worldwide, DHL or City Link. These national brands cover the whole of the UK and make it easy for you to deliver a parcel door to door.

2.       Affordable price: You may have avoided using a courier service in the past because of cost. Perhaps you perceived it as an expensive service. If so have another look. There is now a whole range of different services with varying prices meaning a courier collection is probably cheaper than you thought.

3.      Reliability: The courier industry fully exploits modern technology, which gives you as a customer more control and information over your parcel. On line tracking means you can observe the progress of your parcel through the network, and some courier companies also collect a named delivery track so you can see who signed at collection.

How will you post your next parcel?


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