With Christmas approaching it can be helpful to know what options are available to send parcels and presents to family and loved ones. If you can’t take it door-to-door yourself some alternatives include Royal Mail or a courier.

Using a courier service to move parcels has many advantages such as:

  1. Electronic tracking so you can follow your parcel through the network.
  2. Lots of choice so you can find a delivery specification and price to suit your needs.
  3. An efficient service that you can use with confidence.

Indeed a courier is a reliable, affordable way to move a parcel from door to door at this time of year.

In addition it’s easy to access a courier. Simply book a collection, pack your parcel and wait for the courier driver to collect it. Your parcel will then be moved through the courier’s network before being delivered to your recipient Next Day (or within your chosen delivery specification).

What’s more when you book through a courier middleman you can send a single parcel and there’s no need to open an account. You can even arrange for a door-to-door delivery going abroad.

Also did you know a courier could even take your parcel directly to your recipient? If you book a Sameday service such as City Link’s Sameday product, your parcel will be collected and taken straight to your delivery destination. That’s parcel collection and delivery performed by the same man in the same van – a true door-to-door service.

If you need to post a parcel this Christmas, it’s worth giving couriers a look.

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