Does this sound like a familiar problem?

You want to send a parcel to a customer, a friend or a family member, but you know they have a short time window when they are available to receive the item.

Perhaps you think it’s easier to not bother. After all, if the recipient is not in, the parcel will return to the depot. Then your customer, friend or family member will be required to either organise a redelivery or make a trip to the depot to pick up the item. This can cause extra hassle and is annoying for the recipient.

So what’s the answer?

A courier service is a very convenient solution – but you need to select the right delivery specification. On this occasion a Next Day delivery may not be appropriate because your recipient may have to wait in all day.

The alternative is to opt for a Timed delivery specification.

These premium products may cost that bit more, but they can help make life a lot easier for the person you’re sending the parcel to.

That’s because you can pay to guarantee delivery before 9am, 10am or 12 noon.

The advantage is your recipient is clear on how long they have to stay in for. So if they need to get to work, leave for a meeting or nip out to collect the kids, they won’t have to worry about missing the courier collection.

What’s more, use a courier service and because of the electronic tracking, you’ll be able to track and see when the parcel was delivered. It’s an easy way to check up to ensure the parcel arrived on time.


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