There are many reputable courier services which offer extra services like packaging. These services are worth taking advantage of, but there are some measures which you can take to ensure the safety from your side. A few safety measures to be followed are:

Proper cushioning

The box in which your parcel has been packed should be properly cushioned from all the sides. Cushioning material like polyethylene foam, small sponge cushions and bubble wrap can be used to protect your parcel.

Containers and boxes

If your parcel includes any kind of liquid then it should be properly packed in leak proof containers. Boxes used to pack solid goods should be of appropriate size. Bigger boxes for small items and small boxes for large items can result in damage.

Seal your packages

Your packages should be properly sealed. Boxes as well as parcels should be sealed. For example, if your parcel contains documents then those documents should be put in a plastic bag. After putting these documents in the box, the box should again be sealed. With proper sealing, the risk of damaging the parcel reduces.

Measures taken from your side will lessen the burden on your courier as well as ensuring your parcel’s safety. No compensation is paid if any damage is caused to the parcel due to improper packaging; hence it is one important factor that should be taken care of.

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