The courier market is very competitive.

That’s great news for consumers where competition is a compelling incentive for couriers to improve their service and product offering.

This means while it’s still possible to send items on a non-tracked service, many customers now choose to pay that little bit extra for tracking – and here’s some convincing reasons why it’s money well spent.

  1. Get the ability to track your parcel through the network: Tracking means you can easily locate the whereabouts of your parcel at the click of a button. What’s more if your item goes missing you are able to identify when and where it was last seen – and this is invaluable information to narrow down the search for your parcel.
  2. Knowledge: is power – and if you know where your parcel is you can respond professionally to any customer enquiries.
  3. Confirm delivery with a delivery track: A delivery track enables you monitor your fulfilment process because you can find out exactly when an item was delivered. What’s more some couriers even offer an electronic signature meaning you are well armed if a customer tells you their parcel hasn’t arrived.

Which tracked product will you use?

Remember if you want the best deal use a middleman – they deliver a quality service at a discounted price. In business we say this is a win-win situation.



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