Nowadays some of the most popular items that are shipped throughout the world are electronic; DVD Players, Tablets, TVs and Games Consoles are all sold and sent on a daily basis it seems.

With modern advances in the world of parcel shipping and of course huge leaps and bounds made in the design and manufacture of packaging (both internal and external) it has never been easier to safely and securely transport these items.

However, that said, whilst it is easier now than ever to ship items of this type you will still need to pay attention to how you pack and protect your electrical goods to ensure that they arrive in the best condition possible.

The best way to judge how to pack your item is to pay attention to the original packaging that it came to you in; this will be a fantastic starting point for you and then you can choose to add as much protection as you can to the item from this base.

Some of our most recommended materials for packaging your electrical item include:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Polystyrene surrounds/ends
  • Strong inner cardboard box
  • Strong outer cardboard box
  • Polystyrene chips

Each one of the above provides a different level of protection that you will require in order to guarantee the safe delivery of your item.

These items should be of high quality, despite the temptation to be to cut costs as much as possible, when it comes to packing and shipping high value goods it makes sense to spend out to ensure the highest level of protection.

But what about actually packaging the item ready to be shipped? We suggest the following process in order to best pack and secure your item:

  1. Place the item within some thick polystyrene blocks that will not allow any movement within the cardboard box.
  2. Any exposed areas of the item should be wrapped in at least 2 inches of bubble wrap to ensure that it is cushioned.
  3. This inner box should then be placed in a larger cardboard box ready for shipping. This larger box can then be packed with polystyrene chips to minimise any movement that may occur during transit. It is important to fill the box as much as possible and leave no gaps in the chips.
  4. The larger outer box should be sealed with plenty of heavy duty tape to secure it and have notification that the contents are fragile.

Once you have followed these steps then the last thing to do is properly secure a label to your item and send to your chosen courier ready to be shipped out. By following this process you should see that your electrical item is received at its destination safely and with no damage!


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