Much to everyone’s delight, the weather was beautiful this Easter weekend. Whatever you did, I hope you had a great time. Now that spring has finally sprung, you may feel the urge to have a good clear out. After all, I’m quite sure you have a stack of unwanted stuff that a new home could love.

From kids’ toys, to outgrown clothes, to the bric-a-brac lurking in your kitchen cupboards, there’s something very satisfying about clearing out the old stuff. If nothing else, you free up some space and possibly even make it easier to find things! And for those items, which are good enough to sell, why not take advantage of the likes of eBay? This type of site makes it relatively easy for you to sell your stuff on to someone else.

Then when the time comes to delivering your items to their new home, just use a courier…

It’s very easy to find a good deal these days. Just search ‘cheap parcel delivery’ and you’ll stumble upon some parcel resellers (like Simply get a quote, choose your preferred courier, and get your parcel ready to despatch to its new home.

Pick a Next Day service if you want your item to arrive nice and quick. Alternatively, save a few pennies with a 48-hour or standard service. Possibly one of the best features of a courier service is you don’t even need to leave your home to despatch your parcel. That’s because your chosen courier will collect direct from your door. You’ll find it’s very convenient!

So why not make a few quid from your unwanted belongings? Just list your items for sale, and then rely on a courier to ensure they arrive at their new destination.


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