Stamps, something that makes parcel delivery as well as postal delivery possible. After all, the stamp is seen as proof that you have paid for your item to be posted regardless of whether it comes in the old fashioned “lick and stick” approach or something more modern. It doesn’t matter, as long as a stamp is there!

That said, over the years there have been some really interesting designed placed on stamps and in fact some of the designs are so unique, off the wall and well, slightly batty that the stamps themselves become a collectors item.

Often you need to travel to some of the furthest corners of the world to uncover some truly remarkable stamp designs, so why don’t we take a little trip around the globe and see some what features seem to make an appearance the other side of the globe.

So, with this in mind we have collected some of the most interesting stamps that have appeared within the postal system over recent years. Some of which are artistic, some memorable and some just out and out strange. Why not let us know which one is your favourite?

Animals galore

Not only does the Nocturnal Animals stamp from Malaysia feature some truly cute little critters from the local environment but we absolutely love the fact that the eyes of these animals also have the added feature of glowing in the dark; making these stamps have a truly unique feature that makes them appealing to collectors.

Brazil also made a series of stamps that not only featured a variety of species of bats but also came in the shape of these beautiful animals. Meanwhile Canada made one of their most expensive offerings featuring the majestic Blue Whale with UV only elements included.

It’s material girl

Over the years there have been some interesting materials used for stamp making around the world. This includes wood, tinfoil, cork and plastic. However one of the most collectable and interesting has to be the one made in Austria during 2008.

A must for football fans, the football themed stamp created by Austria Post is the the world’s first stamp to be made entirely of football material. It was created to mark the UEFA Euro football tournament that happened in the same year.

Sweet like chocolate

The Swiss are renowned for their smooth and creamy chocolate and to celebrate the perfection of Switzerland’s chocolate there were a rather unique looking chocolate bar-esque stamp book created for those with a sweet tooth. The booklet was even sold foil-wrapped to make it look even more realistic, the stamp rather deliciously smelt like chocolate although rather disappointingly tasted just like glue when licked!

Sniff it and see

There have been many attempts at scratch and sniff stamps over the years with a variety of countries giving their own offerings up ready to be tested out. In 2001 the UK created a set of scratch and sniff stamps that smelt of Eucalyptus in order to commemorate the centenary of the Nobel Prize; whilst in French Polynesia they created a fruity pineapple fragranced stamp in 2005.


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