In modern times the parcel company has become something that is a part of everyday life. You want an item shipped anywhere in the world? Not a problem thanks to the advances in the world of couriers and parcel delivery companies.

But whilst nowadays you can send a painting to Gibraltar or a book to Peru there was in fact a time when it was harder; if not nearly impossible to send anything across Britain; let alone around the world.

Couriers and parcel services as we know them today must have started somewhere; so let’s look at the history of parcel services and how they have transformed the world of e-commerce as well as the import and export trade.

The rumblings of a postal service
Whilst it seems like the Great British postal service has been around since the dawn of time it was actually China that is thought to have created the first of its kind. Around in China since 4000BC it wasn’t until much later that the rest of the world caught onto the benefits of postal world with Egypt and Assyria next in line.

Much like China, only those who were members of the imperial court in Egypt could enjoy the postal service however Assyria was the opposite allowing everyone access to the service; perhaps signifying the birth of the postal service that we recognise today.

A very British affair
We have seen how the postal service has developed over the water but what about here in the UK? Sameday courier services were performed by London Taxi Firms and then also motorcycles for many years.

Once the shipping of parcels and packages became more popular (towards the end of the 1970s) there started to be an emergence of regional firms who would provide this service in a more localized area outside of the big city streets. It seems that the natural progression of these small companies is to become more national in their dealings before of course becoming an international affair.

Courier services as they are now known have become big business, with different companies offering different levels of expertise and specialisms; from hazardous or sensitive goods right up to large and bulky deliveries nowadays it seems that you can send whatever you want, wherever you want.

The Future
So what does the future hold for the parcel industry? Where will it be in 10, 20 or even 50 years?

With modern lives meaning that people are spending more and more time at work, the future of parcel delivery appears to be one of designated time windows and weekend deliveries.

Alongside this, there is also more demand placed on the ability to track and trace any items that are shipped; meaning that the whole parcel process will need to be visible to customers at any stage or point of the process.

One thing is for sure; parcel delivery is going to get technical and by this we mean with gadgets not with complex procedures.


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