When it comes to posting a parcel for a loved one or sending an item back to a company that you no longer want, you might think it is a lengthy process that will take you some time and effort.

If you feel that way then have a look at this list of far flung, remote and difficult to reach post offices that may be more than just a quick stroll from your home and see just how bad it could be!

Penguin Post Office; Antarctic Peninsula

This remote post office takes its name from the penguin population that surrounds it. Found in Port Lockroy this post office isn’t blessed with all the facilities that you may expect from even the smallest of post offices. No running water, heating or electricity can be found at this postal spot, however those who visit it have said that compared to the amazing location these things do not seem to matter.

Supai Post Office; Arizona

A completely different landscape, but just as much of an interesting location, this post office is located at the very bottom of the Grand Canyon and offers its services to a Native American tribe known as the Havasupai Nation. This post office cannot be reached by a car, therefore the mail, supplies and food that it processes are instead carried around by a team of mules each and every week. Now that’s dedication that even Postman Pat would struggle to beat!

China Post Office; Everest Base Camp

Ideal for sending out bragging cards when you are making your way up this iconic mountain, the Everest Base Camp Post Office may not offer year round opening (it is only open between April and August each year) but it sure makes an impressive postal stamp on your letters!

Easter Island Post Office

Whilst the small population of Easter Island may not offer that much difficulty to its postal service there is still a need for this less than manic Post Office. They say size isn’t important and with such a grand location we have to say that for this postal stop, this definitely is the case!

So there you have it. Some of the most remote and low serviced postal offices in the world. These little shacks, sheds and huts may not be much to look at when compared to the grand network of parcel delivery that we see throughout the UK but they are just as vital when it comes to sending out correspondence in these particular countries and regions.

If talking a walk down to your local Post Office still seems like too much effort then why not get in touch with us and see if one of our dedicated couriers will come out to you and collect. Taking the stress and hassle out of sending your all-important parcel!

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