Whatever the reason behind it, there is likely to be a time when you need to ship a parcel or package internationally. Perhaps you are sending a gift to a friend or maybe seeing an expansion to your business, whichever situation you find yourself in it is unlikely that you will be an expert in the ins and outs of shipping internationally.

With this in mind we have put together this guide to those must know aspects of shipping parcels throughout the globe. Simple tips and things to remember which will save you not only money but also possible hassles too.

The whats and whereabouts!

These two pointers seem like obvious things to think about, however it is important to keep in mind not only where you are shipping but also where you are shipping to as well. Larger items or those that are heavy will need to have some careful planning and you may want to consider a more specialist courier. The same can be said for anything that you see as urgent whereby couriers are the best option for you to consider.

Before you ship your item you need to make sure that you carefully measure and weigh it; packaging included. That way the quote that you receive to ship the item will be the price you pay. By incorrectly calculating the dimensions or weight of your parcel you might find yourself faced with a nasty surprise when it comes to invoicing.

Keep it safe

Shipping abroad can mean that there is a greater chance of your item getting damaged during transit. One of the best ways to protect your item is to ensure that you use the right packaging. Whilst you might be tempted to cut cost corners when it comes to packaging, ensuring that your item is correctly protected is vital for a safe delivery.

Know the regulations

When shipping throughout the UK there are not many regulations that you will need to remember for standard types of items. However when you are looking to send overseas you might find that the country in question has certain restrictions on items that they are or are not happy to receive into their country.

As well as this, there may be import or duty tax to pay once the item has been received in the country, which is something that you should keep in mind.

Be prepared to complete a wide variety of forms in order to send your parcel and ensure that any documentation you complete is filled out fully and clearly to minimize the likelihood of any delays during the shipping process.

These are just a few of the best tips that you can follow in order to make the shipping of your item that little bit easier and also a whole lot quicker too. All it takes is some research and careful planning and you can be spreading your amazing new product or that all important gift halfway around the world.


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