Here you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We are here to save you money! gives you the choice of who collects your parcel.

Working together with Collect+, UPS, Tuffnells, DHL and FedEx your chosen Carrier will come to your home or place of work and collect your parcel.

All orders are processed automatically with the Carrier through this website.
There is no need for you to take the parcel to a depot, the courier will come to you. However, if you would prefer to take your parcel to a convenient drop off point near to you then simply select a Drop-Off Service when placing your booking.
As soon as you have placed your order you will be emailed a booking confirmation and a CMP reference number. This CMP reference number is unique to your booking. Your e-mail will also contain a link to your Packaging Labels and VAT invoice.
Once the parcel has been collected you can track it all the way through to delivery on our website using your CMP number.
The services offered on this website are exactly the same if you were to book direct with a carrier, we use our bulk buying power to get better rates and pass on the savings to our customers!

How do I get a Quote?

Step 1 – Click the Quote & Book tab
Step 2 – Select the Destination Country (it’s set to UK Mainland by default)
Step 3 – Enter the Weight in Kilograms and the Dimensions in Centimetres
Step 4 – Here is your Quote

If you are happy with the Quote, select the service you require to continue your booking, you will be offered additional cover on the next screen

Step 5 – Enter the Collection address details by using the Post Code look-up facility (this saves time and prevents mistakes)
Step 6 – Enter Destination address in the same way as Step 5
Step 7 – Confirm the billing details
Step 8 – Complete the Payment process via PayPal (Credit / Debit Card also accepted)

That’s it! – Check your email for your booking confirmation, this will tell you everything you need to know.

Please read this carefully, we even give you a link to an address label so that you can print one off.

Do I have to book online? Can I place my booking over the telephone?

All bookings must now be made online. It’s really easy, just click on Quote & Book. If you get stuck just follow the instructions in “How do I get a quote“. If you are still having problems please complete our Manual Booking Form and someone will contact you to help complete your booking and take payment.

What Courier Services do you offer?

The Carriers we work with are: Collect+, UPS, Tuffnells, DHL and FedEx.

Questions about Payment and Accounts…

How can I Pay?

You can pay by Credit / Debit card or PayPal.

Our Server is encrypted with a SSL Certificate ensuring you get Safety and Security when entering your personal details.

Do I need an Account before I book?

You do not require an account to book on-line but it can save you lots of time and money.

Everyone can open a non-credit account. It is FREE to do and takes no time at all.
With a customer account, when accessing this site from different computers or at any time in the future, you can login to retrieve your information.

Benefits of opening an account with us include:

Address Book – Store frequently used addresses
24 hour access to your account
Cuts the time to arrange a booking by up to 50%
Print Shipping Documents
Print VAT Invoices / Receipts
View & Manage Tracking Numbers
View Previous Orders
If you do want to open a free on-line account you can do so here – Register for a free account

Do you offer Business Accounts?

We can offer some fantastic rates for people sending 10 or more parcels a day, or around 200 parcels a month.

Our Pro Account is ideal for eBay users, businesses and websites.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

Please see Regular Sender for more information or to apply for a Pro account.

Do you offer Credit Accounts?

If you send more than 10 packages a day, we may be able to offer you a discounted rate subject to status.

Please Contact Us for more information.

Questions about what you can Send…

Do you have a Prohibited items list?

Yes we do. Please check the Prohibited items List and Limited Liability List before placing your booking.

It is very important that you check these before placing your order and choosing a cover option.

Packaging is VERY important!

Good packaging helps protect your item and ensures that your parcel gets to its destination without getting damaged if it receives any knocks or bumps on its way. Please read our Packaging advice for more information.

Please visit our Packaging Store if you need to purchase any packaging supplies

Can I send a Suitcase?

Yes you can! Find out more about sending luggage.

Can I send Documents?

Yes you can! Enter the envelope weight and dimensions using the Quote & Book facility as normal. After selecting your desired collection date you will be given the opportunity to select the Package Type: Parcel or Document. Selecting Document will automatically complete the Parcel contents section with the word, DOCUMENTS. This will then allow the Consignment/Waybill to be generated correctly. You will then not require a Commercial Invoice and there should be no customs delay. Find out more about sending documents.

Do you collect Pallets?

Yes we do! We can offer services for Quarter, Half and Full pallets via Palletways.

Find out more about our Pallet Delivery & collection services or get a quote.

Can I send a Bike?

Yes you can!

The most important thing is to make sure that it is well packaged. We understand how fragile bikes are and packaging them can be quite awkward.
We have put together a little guide to try point you in the right direction: Cheap Bike Delivery

Once your bike is packaged and ready for transportation with one of our carriers, enter the weight and dimensions of the parcel onto our Quote page to choose the best price, service and carrier for you.

Many businesses and eBay sellers use these services and we also have a few blogs about sending bikes, please read our Blog or see:
Can I courier a bike that I’m selling on eBay?

Questions about Collection and Delivery…

What Courier Services do you offer?

The Carriers we work with are: Collect+, Parcelforce, UPS, Tuffnells, DHL and FedEx

Can I specify a morning or afternoon collection?

Unfortunately not. Your parcel will be collected between 8am and 6pm (Monday to Friday) on your chosen collection date, we are unable to give a specific time. Please do not contact us and ask us to chase the driver as we are not in direct contact with them.

Deliveries are Monday to Friday only, with the exception of the Parcelforce Saturday AM delivery service. Parcelforce 24 and UPS services are delivered next working day (this does not include Saturday or Sunday).

If you are unable to wait in for a driver to collect, you could book a Collect+ or UPS Access Point service, and drop your parcel off at local store.

Alternatively, please see What happens if I need to go out, and cannot wait in for collection?

On rare occasions we may contact you to let you know the carrier cannot collect in the time window you have requested, this is usually for remote areas such as Devon & Cornwall, Dumfries & Galloway, and remote areas of the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

What address details do I need to write on my package?

You must label all packages clearly with the destination address and postcode – a contact phone number is also helpful. Please note some services required a dedicated label provided by the Carrier such as Collect+, UPS and FedEx.

You may optionally add the sender’s address, but this is not necessary.

Can I leave a note for the driver?

We would also recommend leaving a note on the door if you are wanting to leave the parcel “behind bins” or in a safe place. We cannot guarantee the driver will act upon these instructions.

Please see What happens if I need to go out, and cannot wait in for collection.

What happens if I need to go out, and cannot wait in for collection?

It is always best to arrange for someone to be at the collection address ready to hand the parcel over to the driver. However, if you need to go out and leave your parcel “behind bins”, you can simply leave a note on the door for the driver. This is at your own risk and at the drivers discretion and they are within their rights to refuse. If a signature is not taken there is nothing proving that the parcel was ever collected should it become lost/damaged in transit & you have to make a claim for it.

If you are unable to wait in for a driver to collect, you could book a Collect+ or UPS Access Point service, and drop your parcel off at local store.

Please note – This does NOT apply to International services. The driver will need to check the contents of the parcel when collecting.

I’m not sure of the exact size or weight of my package?

You need to know this information to use our services. If these details are wrong, you may be charged extra delivery / collection costs plus a £25 administration fee.

The parcel dimensions are the wrong way around!

The dimensions are used to calculate the volume of the parcel. It does not matter which order they are in or if they are the wrong way around as they can change depending on which way you stand the parcel up (for example the height would become the width).

The main thing is that the 3 dimensions entered at the time of booking are correct and the weight is accurate.

I have entered the wrong address or need to change my booking

Please Contact us as soon as possible so that we can amend your booking.

What happens if there is no-one to receive the parcel when it is being delivered?

The carrier will either attempt delivery to a neighbour or return the parcel to the delivery depot.
The driver should leave a card explaining where to collect the parcel from or how to re-arrange another delivery.

It is always best to keep an eye on the tracking so that you can see what is happening and where the parcel is.

If you are having problems, these may help…

Do I have to book online? Can I place my booking over the telephone?

All bookings must now be made online.

It’s really easy, just click on Quote & Book. If you get stuck just follow the instructions in “How do I get a quote“.

If you are still having problems please complete our Manual Booking Form and someone will contact you to help complete your booking and take payment.

Do you have a Unit Conversion Tool?

Yes we do! You can convert pounds (lb) into kilograms (kg) and inches into centimetres (cm).

I am having difficulty finding an address?

After entering your postcode, you can always edit any other parts of the address.

Should your postcode return no results, please complete a Manual Booking Form and we will contact you to help complete your booking.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password to a different one by logging in and clicking on “My Account” and then “Update Details”. To change your password simply clear the password box and type in a new password. Click “Submit” to save the new password.

If you have forgotten your password and cannot login to your account you can click on “Lost your password” on the “Home” or “My Account” page – alternatively use this Forgot Password link.

What compensation do I get if my package is not collected on time?

None of the major carriers guarantee their collections. If a service is guaranteed for next day delivery, this guarantee will only apply once the package has been collected. Therefore we are unable to provide compensation for failed collections.

It’s 4pm and my collection hasn’t happened

Collections are up until 6pm. If, after 6pm your parcel hasn’t been collected please Rebook your collection by completing the failed collection form.

Can I cancel my order?

Absolutely. As long as your parcel has not been collected you can cancel your collection.

If there was a problem with one of our carrier services, please do Contact us and let us know what went wrong, we are here to help!

The courier failed to collect my parcel, what now?

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please understand that is a reseller and it is not our fault and we have no control over this.

Failed collections are very rare but this can sometimes happen when a driver does not manage to find the address, or get delayed and not complete their round due to traffic jams, having to wait around for people at their door or even if their van breaks down. We understand the frustration caused when the carrier fails to pick up the parcel on your chosen collection date.

We do have very few issues with collection, but if the collection does not take place you will need to inform us by using our Rebook tool and entering the CMP reference number so that we are aware and you can arrange a re-collection on the next convenient date for you.

It may also be worth checking that we have the correct collection address, as the carrier will not call if they are having problems locating the address.

Questions about Packaging…

Do I need to wrap or box my item?

Yes you do. We operate a parcel collection and delivery service. It is VERY important that all items are well packaged so that they are protected during transit with our carriers.

Every item must be securely packaged to travel in our system. All items must be professionally packaged, preferably in a double walled box with sufficient packaging to protect the contents. Your parcel will be handled many times both by hand, and also by automatic machinery as it travels from depot to depot. The item must be cushioned, protected with suitable outer packaging and the corners protected.

If the item is not correctly packaged the driver may refuse to collect and if the contents are not protected adequately any claim will be invalidated if damage occurs in transit. Please read our Packaging Advice. If your item is Fragile please see: How can I send a fragile parcel?

Please note: Items such as glass will not be covered. Please check the Prohibited Items List and Limited Liability List before placing your booking.

All parcels must have an Address Label.

Please view our Packaging Store.

Do you have any packaging guidelines?

Yes we do.

Packaging is VERY important! It is very important that items are well packaged and protected before sending with any of our carriers.

Please read our Packaging Advice for guidance and information.

We also sell packaging products, have a look at our Packaging Store.

Do you sell packaging?

Yes we do! Please view our Packaging Store.

Questions about Claims…

What cover does my parcel have and can I increase this?

All services come with an inclusive liability cover of £50*. Additional cover can be added during the booking process with a maximum of £1000.

Prices are as follows:
Up to £50 – Included
Up to £100 – £2.50 +VAT
Up to £250 – £6.50 +VAT
Up to £500 – £12.00 +VAT
Up to £750 – £17.50 +VAT
Up to £1000 – £24.50 +VAT

*Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details and to ensure you are eligible to claim.

If you need to cover your parcel for more than £1000, we can do this too! Please Contact us with the parcels weight and dimensions, where it is going from and to, and the make, model and value of the item that you are sending.