Is the collection guaranteed?

Unfortunately, your collection is not guaranteed. This applies to both domestic (UK to UK) and international shipments.

The ability of the courier company to provide the service ordered is subject to many outside influences beyond their own control (say there is a road traffic accident en-route or a flight is delayed). Courier companies will not guarantee collections for this reason. Once a parcel is in the possession of the courier company they are much more able to influence what happens to it and deliver it within service standards. Therefore, any guarantee offered by the courier company only starts once a collection has happened and, even then, only to the point of final delivery.

Standard services – that is Next Day, 48 Hour or other non-timed deliveries (eg. before 9am or before noon), are never guaranteed. If timed deliveries are chosen, but not delivered on time, the difference between the service chosen and the one delivered will be refunded. This is your guarantee.

Success rate and selection of services

Most parcels are delivered within the service standard and in many cases they are delivered well within the available time. If you have a delivery that must be delivered by a set time please consider the service options carefully.