has fallen prey to a fraudster and many other businesses are currently experiencing the same exploitative problem. Here’s what we have found out so far, please warn others.

The scam

The scammer offers a holiday location for rent saying will handle the property keys once the person has sent payment to the person renting the apartment.

We do not provide this service!

They use  websites like and these are nothing to do with

They request payment via MoneyGram and asked for a scanned copy to be sent to [email protected]. This again is nothing to do with They also sign their e-mail off as CollectMyParcel Holding B.V. using the e-mail address [email protected].

For advice on shopping safely online visit Get Safe Online for more information on security and dealing only with reputable sellers.

If you hear of any more scams, let us know at [email protected], so we can take immediate action.

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