DHL Express, one of the leading parcel delivery companies in the UK has proved why there are on top of their game, as they recently praised employees for continuously working throughout the Arctic weather conditions. Staff at DHL Express tirelessly tried their best to deliver parcels during such adverse weather.

Although DHL stated that deliveries and collections in northern England and Scotland might suffer delays because of the snow fall which took place in these areas, the firm later said that problems were kept to minimum with the help of their hardworking employees.

A spokesperson from DHL Express said that, due to the closure of Edinburgh Airport, some parcels and packages were transported via by road from Glasgow and Edinburgh. The parcels were delivered to East Midlands Airport which connects to the rest of Europe.

The spokesperson also said that as soon as they were aware of adverse weather, they started to contact customers to bring forward collection times. This really helped in reducing disruptions.

One dedicated employee, Darren Howitt, even rode around 26 miles on his cycle in order to finish his delivery at Newbridge, Edinburgh.

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