• UK to UK
  • UK to International
  • International to UK
Parcel 1:
cm x
cm x
Mini Pallet Info Height <= 60cm
Weight <= 150kg
Size Info
Quarter Pallet Info Height <= 80cm
Weight <= 250kg
Size Info
Half Pallet Info Height <= 110cm
Weight <= 500kg
Size Info
Light Pallet Info Height <= 220cm
Weight <= 750kg
Size Info
Full Pallet Info Height <= 220cm
Weight <= 1000kg
Size Info

Step 1 – Select the Destination Country (it’s set to UK Mainland by default)
Step 2 – Enter the Weight in Kilograms and the Dimensions in Centimetres
Step 3 – Click Get Quote

If you are happy with the Quote, select the service you require to continue your booking, you will be offered additional cover on the next screen

Step 4 – Enter the Collection address details by using the Post Code look-up facility (this saves time and prevents mistakes)
Step 5 – Enter Destination address in the same way as Step 4
Step 6 – Complete the Payment process via PayPal (Credit / Debit Card also accepted)